Telehealth Monitoring Solution

Portlane Health helps health care professionals provide health services to patients worldwide. It is a low-cost, easy to work with and effective solution thats helps, not only health professionals, but patients and health units as well. 

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What's Portlane Health?

Portlane Health improves patients journey on every step of the way. Services as remote diagnostic, follow-up and monitoring allows healthcare professionals to save time and improve the quality of healthcare.


Multiple Patients

Followed by One Doctor

Some of the Perks

Improves and optimizes services for both patients, health professionals and healthcare units.
Here's a list of our platform services:

Video Consults

Scheduled or emergency video consults between patients and medics.

Alerts & Notifications

Daily reporting and alerts based on the clinical evolution of the patients health.


Real time follow-up by multiple users simultaneously on the same platform.

Medical History

Access to the entire patients clinical history on a centralized dashboard.

App Reminders

Medication, medical appointments and measurements reminders.

Patient's family Monitoring

Real time follow-up by patient's family.

Nursing Services

Scheduling appointments, assessing vital signs and treating wounds.

Activity Log

Access and registration of activities: Geriatrics, Baths, meals, among others.


"Cloud" based solution made for mobile phones, tablets and television (TBee Box).

How does it work?

Portlane Health is a cloud based platform that can be used by health professionals on their phones, tablets or computers.
On the other hand, patients have access to a mobile app

Notifications & Alerts

Process Automation

Automatic processes to monitor multiple users simultaneously.


Measurement and medication notifications sent automatically to patients with identified pathologies.

Risk Management

Patients vital signs are automatically identified and evaluated remotely by the healthcare provider.

Health Reports & Alerts

Automatic alerts the healthcare provider(s) about the most urgent cases displaying reports about his evolution.


Increase the Efficiency of your service, Patients Satisfaction and Loyalty!

Health Units

Health Units

Low cost per patient;
fast and easy implementation with controlled costs;
Allows new sources of revenue by monitoring all patients;
GDPR compliance.

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

Control of visits and daily tasks; Remote monitoring of patients in real time; Schedule and video call doctors and family members.

Health Professionals

Health Professionals

Time optimization using artificial intelligence to optimize and improve time-consuming processes.



Improves the doctorl - patient relationship through real-time monitoring.

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